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Network IQ Development

Webinars on how to develop people and teams with Network IQ

Diverse teams work better when people have high Network IQ. In the Network IQ webinars, Daria Tataj coaches how to invest in strategic networking to improve results for leaders and teams across organizations. 

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Network IQ Webinars
Next: Empowerment
(Wednesday, September 15th 2021)
4pm CET / 10 AM ET


This live and interactive webinar will help you learn Network Thinking and the skill of empowerment. You will develop the skill of helping members of your organization or community build their status and expand their networks. Building the Network IQ of your team will help increase the efficiency of teleworking both with close colleagues and stakeholders.

What is Network IQ?

Network IQ is a measurement of Network Intelligence. We define this kind of intelligence as an ability to use social networking to innovate and grow. For example, you can use social networks to get market insights, share resources or sell. But many people find it challenging. Our research shows that 70% of people use networking to sell products or services. However, less than 45% of them declare that they are effective, and only 17% use networking to get market insights or share resources.

The Network IQ Assessment is part of our innovation methodology. The key element of this methodology is the Network IQ Index. This Index is an indicator which predicts how effective you will be turning social networking opportunities into growth. The Network IQ Index predicts how effective you will be in finding the “Right Person”, innovating, building a digital trust or defining a clear purpose as at the first step to find a purpose – network – fit. 


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Dr. Daria Tataj
Executive Network IQ Coach

Meet your host

Daria Tataj is the inventor of Network IQ based on 15+ years of research on business innovation networks in Europe, the US, and China.

Daria is a senior advisor at the European Commission and has a personal worldwide network in global communities such as the World Economic Forum, Vital Voices Partnership, and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Her primary areas of expertise include C-level talent and business growth strategies through a Network IQ-based solutions and optimizing diverse teams through a culture of innovation and impact.

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